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Today is Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Leopard, Lace & Leather.


I took these photos a while back. In fact for those of you who follow my blog on facebook here, you've already seen this look there. Here, however, I can explain it better. First off, I'm in love with the jacket here - it has gotten me through so much, it's like the sartorial version of a best friend. It's not real leather, but it could have been - it feels so comfortable! AND it hasn't torn one bit, although it does have that worn out feel a leather jacket would have if worn endlessly and that's what makes it so perfect. I could practically say the same thing about the blouse - I've worn it endlessly and for more events than I'd like to note here, including birthdays and Christmas parties. Usually, the stuff I buy from Miss Selfridge are always the pieces I wear the most. Miss Selfridge do have a flair for having long-lasting stylish pieces. Jeans always have a story behind them and this one does have one comparable to the Me-to-you bear. You see, I bought this pair a few years ago, somehow, I decided on buying it not one but TWO sizes too large. Back then I was 14 so that perhaps is the reason behind my misjudgement in sizing. So, they were not only huge at the waist, but also really long. They were thus left neglected for quite a while at the back of my wardrobe. That was until I realised I could just DIY-them up. I ripped the seams and voila' - the result is as seen here - 3/4 jeans! I wanted those shoes badly the moment I saw them.

For those who know me, they know I don't usually settle for the average pair of shoes (in fact I always think twice before buying a pair of ballerina flats) so my loving these heels was a rare miracle. My parents then got them for me for Christmas. My mum would take a peek at the box from time to time, and we'd have this little competition of who loves these shoes the most. [She thinks she won...]. Unfortunately, due to their being incredibly painful to my feet I don't wear them that often, since most events or outings require walking and standing up for long periods of time and my feet won't have that. And trust me, not even a little too much drinking would make the pain go away.

ZARA jacket, ASOS peep-toe Leopard shoes, self-adjust ZARA jeans, Miss Selfridge chiffon lace blouse, Pull & Bear bag and ring, necklace from Diva by Miss Selfridge (which I can't seem to find anymore in stores!), Accessorize pearl necklace, Newlook sunglasses, ring and earrings from handmade jewellery shop in Valletta.

(My feet don't really like these platforms - my toes aren't exactly in their comfort zone here)

This isn't exactly the best of photos but I posted it here anyway for a better view of the bag ;)


A week in: an edgy mood.


Last Sunday for me meant 3 things: Mother's day [a meal with my parents and grandparents], Rouge Reveries' unofficial anniversary (I did not start posting till quite a few months after I launched this blog) and the beginning to a week of flu, since I winded up with the flu by the time I got to bed. That, of course, resulted in a week of prescribed pills and moping around inside [that didn't quite help the moods of those around me]. This meant I had a great deal of time on my hands - but no-thanks to my blessed flu my enthusiasm was particularly lacking. I ended up web-surfing from site to site, adding a bounty of clothing items to my wishlist - most of which I will never end up buying by virtue of my limited bank account and with - still - a week left for my stipend. I am not entirely well now, but definitely much better!

The sunny-side up to this misfortune of sneezing and coughing, was that I found quite a few online-shopping sites (romwe.com, lulus.com, youreyeslie.com). I did a few searches on ebay for vintage finds - including denim cut-offs!) and made a new shopping list for summer and here it goes:

A Maxi Dress (in petite sizing, of course)

Studded black cut-offs (exactly my size, size 4UK - not bigger, I like 'em tight and cosy & totally punk HELP - I can't seem to find the perfect pair- ANYWHERE)

Printed cut-offs - tie-dye style or with aztec prints

Red Jeans - tight again, washed and roughly cut at the edges, I might DIY them up quite a bit.

Ripped t-shirt (Balmain style)

Utilitarian Belt- missed it last year.

More studded stuff

pink jean cut-offs (yes, cut-offs again)

A floppy hat - a straw one and unique - with some bold print

checked shirt

sheer throw-on (a blouse?)

head-turning heels/wedges.

fringed bag

fringed cut-offs (and yet..again)

printed mini-dress

Striped t-shirt - preferably in black and white

Utilitarian blouse

Edgy cocktail ring, some vintage-looking gothic rings.

That's about it. Come to think of it - I'm definitely going Balmain-esque this season. Perhaps I'm not very much into the eye-popping candy-colours this season. But I won't adamantly exclude that possibility - my sartorial moods do tend to deviate from one end to the next at the blink of an eye.

Balmain Spring/Summer '11 Inspiration


Look inspiration: White blazer, leather & tie-dye prints...woot!

Perhaps I'm feeling edgy - or its the meds and the moping flu-mood talking. Whatever it is - I'm definitely liking this look!

[images: style.com]


Bold Accents at Prada


[images from Style.com]

Prada's SS11 collection was thoroughly the "minimalist baroque" Miuccia Prada described it to be. The minimalism is there, the intricate detail akeen to baroque styles is there without having to go over the top. It is a perfectly executed collection, and definitely not one for the average citizen. If you're not really up for foam wedges and almost-cartoonish representations on t-shirt than perhaps Prada's SS11 is not one for you. Nevertheless, there a few highstreet buys out there which reach an adequate compromise between the uber-trendy Prada vibe and the more practical alternatives. Here a few:

Topshop Wedges, Newlook bathing suit, Mango Crop Top, ASOS striped jacket, ASOS maxi tube skirt, ZARA purse, Miss Selfridge Dress, ZARA hat and Topshop Bag


Pippa Middleton chooses Zara jacket - the same one I chose!


I've recently bought a ZARA jacket and have found it endlessly versatile. I love it's colour, I love its tailoring, its royalesque buttons and its fit! I was even more thrilled when Pippa Middleton chose it for her morning-after outfit.

I've worn this jacket in this post: here but here are a few other photos of me wearing it...


D&G goes Snow White & Rose Red


SS11 for D&G was all about colourful prints, but what I saw to have really stood out were the red and white chequered prints! Combined with raffia wedges, canvas boots and denim these prints were a look worthy of your time this summer... It seems highstreet shops have gotten the hang of this...since I have personally seen an abundance of these prints in shops like Stradivarius and ASOS so there are plenty of more affordable alternatives to try out!

Miss Selfridge Espadrilles; Topshop Gingham headband; topshop check print sunglasses; Stradivarius Check print dress; New Look Bra & Briefs; Stradivarius Shopper; ASOS espadrilles

If you're not really up for the country-looking check tablecloth & flower ensemble, you can always go for simpler tops, perhaps with some unique tailoring and mix & match red and white pieces. But what isn't tempting and summery about these cute red & white pieces??

[images style.com and respective sites: Topshop, e-stradivarius, asos, Miss Selfridge, Newlook]


The Dress of a Princess


Royal Wedding - The Next Day


BESTPIX Royal Wedding - Wedding Guests And Party Make Their Way To Westminster Abbey


Royal Wedding - Wedding Guests And Party Make Their Way To Westminster Abbey


Royal Wedding - The Wedding Ceremony Takes Place Inside Westminster Abbey


Royal Wedding - Wedding Guests And Party Make Their Way To Westminster Abbey


Kate Middleton's dress has been a major topic this past week not just within the fashion world but also amongst many of the viewers of the Royal Wedding. A BBC spokesperson spoke of Kate's emergence from her car on the way to Westminster Abbey to be "such a fashion moment". It was incredibly so, with Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton having designed the dress after an overwhelming year in which the team had to cope with the death of the founder of their Fashion House, Alexander McQueen in February 2010. Love it or Hate it it was a dress which turned heads, even if the sole reason was that the girl who wore the dress was the Princess in a fairytale come true.

The dress wasn't an extravagant one, it was delicate and in my opinion aptly chosen for a Royal-to-be Bride. Burton did a good job of balancing between the modern and the traditional, tango-ing to and from between the two - the dress stood out.



A Floppy Hat & Edgy Studs


ASOS BLACK wedges, Stradivarius Hat, Pull & Bear Shirt & Bag, Miss Selfridge Cardigan, Accessorize Brooch, vintage belt




Fringes are one of the main trends this season and you can't hate them - whatever your style there's a sort which will suit your liking.... elegant a' la Louis Vuitton, edgy Lanvin-style (SS11), colourful and fun, the way its manifested at Christian Dior and sexy with fully-fletched maxi skirts the Versace way. Fringes are definitely not a miss on the highstreet - with fringed scarves at Accessorize (top left), fringed lacy kaftans and metallic fringe shorts at Topshop, and, not to miss, fringed sandal flats at Asos!

[catwalk images from Style.com]


"It feels like playing Dress-up...& putting flowers in your hair"


Florals have really taken off this season, and rather than last year's subtle muted, and faded ones, this year's florals have gone bolder, bigger and brighter. Here are some top-of-the-list highstreet buys for you to consider and take your pick! Will it be French Connection's combination of the minimalist with the bohemian in violet tones in that shift dress? Or will it me Stradivarius' combination of striking stripes, citrus tones and exotic palms in that bandeau number? There is an array of choices for everyone out there and perhaps if you're one of those neutral bearing dudettes (*cough* me *cough*) perhaps its time for you to take the plunge into the colour pool...and this definitely the perfect time to do so....

[Miss Selfridge Tunic, Topshop Sleeveless A-line, French Connection dress, Topshop Mexican Floral Print Dress, Stradivarius dress, Oasis asymmetric sleeve dress.]


Chirping Birds & Muted Tones


We've seen an overload of eye-popping colours out there, and it just goes to show we sometimes go over our heads and think too much of what we'll be wearing in two months time and forget about the succulent, delicate pleasures of the present - spring. There are loads of high street buys out there waiting to be devoured by the hungry fashionista.

Here I've chosen a few pieces which I would personally love to own at this time of need... hah! The tones are particularly muted, but at the very least delicate - whilst I'm usually more akin with the edgier vibes, I'd be proud to wear them at this time of year. Funnily enough, spring makes me chirpier than usual, pun intended - the birds really have gotten over their heads on my balcony - they've been melodiously frolicking about for an hour or so now...

Bottom line - as much as they say the early bird catches the worm, I'll say the early bird will forget that summer has plenty of time to catch up with - perhaps too much time to catch up with here in Malta... so go out there and enjoy spring while it lasts!

Asos Leather Clutch, Asos bowling bag, topshop earrings, topshop white pumps, Miss Selfridge turquoise mixed knit, Miss Selfridge colour-block dress, Miss Selfridge Kimono, ASOS Lady bag, Paul & Joe Spring 2011 Limited Edition in Sunshine and Prism.

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